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Happy Customers

Some of our happy customers!
  • Roxy's New Coat


    Roxy in her new coat, one of the new style Go walk Coat from Happy Pet which has a small zipped opening in just the right place for a harness!

  • Monty what a lovely chap

    We had the pleasure of meeting Monty this weekend, his whole family were at Cheddleton Carnival and Monty was one of the lovely pups who came to say hello! Monty is a Cocker Spaniel and as you can see he is a lovely young pup. He was very friendly and loved all of the attention he got while we were trying to get him to pose for some pictures. Monty went home with a few items from Dougal's Den including a lovely new doormat and one of our Handmade in Staffordshire Bandanas as well as some of our homemade doggie treats.

    Monty the Cocker Spaniel Monty looking cute
    Cheddleton Carnival was a great day out for us as we got to meet lots of our existing customers and also some new ones. We did a roaring trade in our homemade dog treats so we are considering stocking them on our website as well as having them as special local show items. We also had lots of fun watching the dog show which was organised by Karen at Churnet Valley Dog Training. We were very lucky with the weather and managed to get all set up in plenty of time as you can see this is me and Ryan one of my godsons waiting for the crowds to arrive!  
    Dougal's Den Stand at Cheddleton Carnival 2012 All ready for the crowds to arrive
    We hope to hear lots more about Monty including how is is getting on with his new purchases from Dougal's Den and we also want to say a big thank you to Dan who is pictured here with Monty. Dan along with my Godson Ryan and their friend Cameron did a sterling job getting people to enter the dog show and they also helped us dismantle the stand at the end of the show.
    Dan and Monty Monty & Dan
    A grand day out was had by all!

  • Chatsworth Freddie...and Andre

    It's not often that we get the chance to say that we personally know a TV star so we were very happy to hear at the weekend that our good friend Andre will be appearing in the BBC1 series on Chatsworth House. We watched the first episode on Monday evening and we thought that Andre was an absolute star, we loved his reaction to the underpants left in the farm shop toilets! We did not realise all of the things that he has to deal with. Anyhow we believe that Andre will feature again in episode three with his lovely dog Freddie so we thought we would show you a sneak preview of the lovely Freddie with one of our Seamsters tough dog toys. Feddie with Seamsters   Freddy having a good old chew Freddie is a lovely Cocker Spaniel and he lives on the Chatsworth estate with Andre and David, and you will be able to see him in action on telly on the 28th May at 9pm on BBC1 Freddie with Seamsters Dog Toy

  • Jinks & Poochie Bells

    Jinx on chair


    We love to get pictures of our happy customers so we were delighted when Jane sent us these lovely pictures of her cutie Cairn Terrier Jinks. Jane contacted us about some grooming advice for Cairns and we were more than happy to help explain what we do with the boys Dougal and McTini!!
    Jinks as a puppy


    Jinks and Chickens


    We think Jinks is such a cutie and say a huge thanks to Jane for sending us these lovely pictures. Jinks is being trained to ring her Poochie Bells to let everyone know when she wants to go outside. As you can see she is getting the hang of what she has to do.
    Poochie Bells


    If you would like your furry friend to be featured in our Happy Customers gallery then please send your pictures to and tell us all about your pooch! All happy customers featured receive a free gift from Dougal's Den!

  • Hide a Toy Gingerbread House Tested by Pickles

    We love it when we see pictures or even better video's of your pets having fun with our products. So we just had to share this video from Karen Wild aka @wildpaw and the amazing Pickles with the Hide a Toy Gingerbread House from Kyjen. Pickles is a very clever pooch, well what else would you expect having a training and behaviour expert as his hu-mum! In this sequence you can see Pickles correctly get the ginger bread man toy out of the house first. The toys are part of the interactive dog toys from kyjen which we stock. They are extremely popular toys for dogs who need a little more than just a toy they can chew or chase.

  • Tweeting Cat Wand hasn't Stopped Tweeting

    The Tweeting Cat Wand by  House of Paws seems to be a hit with our two new gorgeous cat models Oscar and Arthur. The toys that are part of the House of Paws range were a huge success, as these lovely photos show!

    For cats that like the sound of a tweeting bird this toy will be like music to their ears. This toy has a black wand to protect your hands and snake skin material to cover the toy itself. Brown and cream feathers are also attached which the cats seem to love playing with.

    Oscar and Arthur had hours of fun playing with this toy and a total of 90 photos taken of them!

    Oscar Biting Toy


    Arthurs turn


    Arthur cat toy


    Oscar Cat Toy


    Arthur cat toy


    Oscar cat toy


    Arthur cat toy


    Take a look at our House of Paws new range where there are three other toys to keep you cat entertained. Each toy is different so I'm sure that you'll be able to find the right toy for your kitty. We also have a huge range of cat wand toys from Hem and Boo, so be sure to take a look at them too. Thanks to Jake and Millie for taking the time to take these lovely photos and letting us use them on the website; I'm sure there will be more to come.

  • Leek and District Show 2011

    Everyone at Dougal's Den had a great day on Saturday at Leek Show. It was the first time we ever attended as business and I have to say we were very pleased by all the positive comments we received about the range of products that we brought along.

    Dougal's Den at  Leek Show


    It was a very hot day so we were very busy with the Don't Cook Your Dog Sticker and as we were located right beside the dog show we were able to explain the campaign to lots of lovely dog owners. Our paddling pool was very popular with all of the doggies and at one point we even had a queue of doggies waiting to take a cooling dip. We were surprised that many of the owners said that this was the first time they had seen a paddling pool provided for doggies, in our view it was essential on such a hot day.
    Cooling Down at Leek Show


    We had a great time chatting to all the dog owners about our products and  some cat owners who were pleased that we had brought along a selection of cat teaser toys and cat collars. Our most popular products of the day were the Pet Head shampoos , the bone bowls and the dogberry squeaky toys. Mr Ozzy McDougal came along with us for part of the day and I have to say he was quite well behaved , I think the number of people and dogs scared him a little, but he had fun saying hello to all the friendly pooches we met. We met a lot of people who live locally so are looking forward to catching up with them at the Holly Bush which is a a very popular dog friendly pub. So a massive thank you to everyone who made a purchase, we hope you and your pets are very happy with your new toys, treats collars and leads. Oh and if you did not manage to get a card from us remember you can get 10% discount off your 1st on line order by using the code LEEK at the checkout. We are all now just about recovered from the show and already looking forward to our next one on Monday 29th August at Heaton House Farm,  Rushton Spencer, we hope to see you there.

  • Happy Pals

    It always makes us happy when we see that we have happy pals. We recently sponsored a few prizes for the monthly #PawPawty event on twitter where lots on anipals get together to help raise funds for an animal shelter or charity. One of the lucky winners was @tinypearlcat who is a lovely lady cat from Camano Island, Washington Tiny P won some cat treats and some cat nip toys. We have not even got these great toys on the website yet so it was great when Pearl posted these lovely pictures for us!

    TinyPearlCat inspecting her Prizes


    Those Treats are very Nommy


    Lovely Cat Nip Mice


    Our old boy @frugaldougal came up with the pawpawty idea a few years ago and so far we have helped raise over $50,000 for a whole range of animal charities from all over the world. A big thanks to everyone who makes the PawPawty events possible and an extra special thanks to @tinypearlcat for the lovely pictures.

  • SafeStix dog toys are a Hit

    When we found the Safestix dog fetch toy, the safe alternative to throwing sticks for your pooch we could not wait to hear what you thought about it. So imagine how pleased we were when we had these lovely pictures land in our mail box. Just take a look at these very happy doggies playing with their new toy on the beach.

    Fudge with SafeStix


    Dogs playing with Safestix


    Fudge with Safestix


    Muppet with Safestix


    Dogs playing tug of war with Safestix


    Fudge and Muppet


    A you can see the Safestix has rounded ends so it will not lodge itself in the ground ( even sand)  and Fudge and Muppet are also able to grab it and have a great game of tug of war. Safestix were designed by husband and wife team Paul and Helen after their Jack Russell Terrier Razzle sustained a mouth injury after chasing a wooden stick. If your dog loves chasing and fetching sticks then the Safestix is the toy you need. This super dog toy is one of a kind with nothing like it available in the UK. Made from tough non toxic rubber and will withstand a fair amount of chewing. But it comes into its own when used as a fetch toy, the bright orange colour makes it easy to spot for you and your dog and it even floats. We currently stock the 70cm chunky twist design which is suitable for medium to large dogs or a feisty terrier and soon we will have a smaller 50cm version as well as some super tough and dental versions. A huge thanks to @julieanddoods for taking these great pictures of her pooches having such fun on the beach they all look like they are having a great time. If you love labradoodles as much as Julie does then why not check out this great forum especially for doodle lovers !

  • New Kyjen Dog Toys tested by the Boys

    We are so excited to at last have a huge range of the fantastic dog toys from Kyjen in our shop. These toys are a little bit different to the usual dogs toys, plus they are extra durable so your pooch will have longer lasting fun.

    Dougal with Kyjen Dog Toy


    Of course Dougal and Ozzy had to get in on the act and as soon as the toys arrived they helped us out by testing the Alligator Long Body Squeaker Mat. This amazing dog toy has 16 squeakers plus a rattle so just think of all the fun your pooch will have wrestling this super toy. You can see how big it is compared to the boys, they are both Cairn Terriers so love to romp around the place with their toys. Little Ozzy also likes to snuggle down with his after a play time session.
    Ozzy with Kyjen Dog Toy


    We have a few more Kyjen dog toys to add on to the website today, but you can have a look at the range so far and why not have a sneaky look at the Christmas Shop we are creating where we will be bringing you all the best festive toys and treats for your furry friends.

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