Amazing finds for the furry kind

Size Guides

We stock a wide variety of dog coats and sweaters and occasional wear from a number of different Brands and Manufacturers. Unfortunately there is no standard sizing for dogs like there is for humans so it is important that you double check the size for the particular product you wish to purchase.

Due to the variance of dogs sizes within each breed, we recommend that you measure your dog before purchasing. If you are at all unsure at all please give us a call and we will be happy to help you decide.

There are a number of measurements you may need to make depending on the type of clothing you are considering. So arm yourself with a tape measure and lets get measuring.

Back Length

For most coats you will need the Back Length, for this you will need to get your dog to stand and make sure they are looking straight ahead. You need to measure roughly between the shoulder blades just next to where their collar sits on the back of their neck down to the base of the tail, thats where their tail joins their body.

You can measure in centimeters or inches and then just do a conversion. We tend to note all sizes in centimetres on the site.